Many voices. One mission:

To bring excellence to your vision, content and brand by flawlessly bridging your work to a global marketplace.

It’s all under one roof… Meticulous translations and lip-sync adaptations, teams of award winning voiceover actors fluent in their native tongue working alongside top notch directors, professional sound editors and mixing engineers bringing you the very best in foreign language dubbing.


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Why choose us?

Soundchef International consistently produces foreign language dubbing projects in house, maintaining the highest quality standard from beginning to end.

With a talent pool of more than 500 actors, directors, translators, lip-sync adaptation specialists, lip-sync audio editors, ADR recordists, surround mixers and casting directors in over 30 languages and growing, we are proud to deliver the outstanding dubbing quality we are known for.

Our foundation in providing sound mixing and sweetening to Emmy award winning television, internationally acclaimed documentaries and global brands truly positions us to deliver the highest quality foreign language dubbing around.

  • "These samples are amazing!
    I'm in awe of how much work must have gone into the translating, casting, and syncing.
    So well done. I particularly enjoyed the Korean and the French Martin Landau -- truly almost better than the "real thing."
    Thanks so much!


    Rebecca Beegle

  • "Thank you so much for completing all of the SAP for our TV series. Your team has been so professional and punctual this whole season, and I greatly appreciate your work. It has been a great partnership and I hope we have a chance to work together again."

    Vanessa Yee

  • "Perfect! All the takes sound really great. Once again, thanks for your care on this. Truly impressive."

    Lisa Merton

  • Thanks for being professional and proactive and your excellent and talented services. Working with you is a great joy. See you again soon"

    Don Reidel

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